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Government urged to sell off its fine wine collection to help the economy

The Governments wine cellar has been revealed to be worth tens of thousands of pounds. Tom Watson, a member of the Labour party, has suggested that the coalition government should sell off the best wines, as part of its cost cutting drive to pay off a record budget deficit.
The minister said as the economy heads back into recession, nobody will seriously believe that 'we are all-in-this-together' when ministers are quaffing wines at £200 a bottle.

The wine cellar contains a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1978 worth more than £2,500 among other top vintages. There are also a number of bottles of champagne on the list, which Watson obtained after a year-long battle with government officials, including magnums of Krug 1982, and Louis Roederer Brut from 1990. Notes were found next to the more expensive bottles - next to a bottle of Chateau Latour 1955, worth about £1,000, is a note reading: Drink on v. special occasions. Spectacular: no need now to hasten rundown of tiny stock.