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Champagne increases yield to meet demand

The permitted yield of grapes for the upcoming harvest in Champagne is to be increased to 12,500 kilogrammes per hectare (kg/ha) to cope with growing demand for Champagne. The harvest limit has been set by the region's trade body the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) and compares to 10,500 kg/ha in 2010 and 9,700kg/ha in 2009. The increase was based on forecasts that Champagne sales would grow by 2% annually over the next three years. In 2010 shipments reached 319.5 million bottles, a 9% increase in sales, however growers, who rely on the domestic market saw their , sales drop by 3%, so its better news for the Champagne houses who are looking for more volume to meet demand, but not so good for small growers who'd prefer to grow less.