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A Rose by any other name.. Now its white Zinfandel - again

A dispute over the use of the term White Zinfandel in the European Union has been resolved. The row broke out last autumn after Italian authorities complained about the grape being referred to as “White Zinfandel” when it is a red grape, which they said would be confusing to consumers. However the term is widely understood as a brand name in the USA and UK denoting the popular rosé wine.

The issue was on the agenda at the US/EU mid November bi-lateral trade agreement meeting and was ratified by all 27 EU member states in December so that White Zinfandel is now officially recognised for use on labelling within the EU, as it has been in the US since its introduction.

The Italian authorities have now released the small volume of stock originally impounded and labels which were changed to Zinfandel Rose will transition back to White Zinfandel with immediate effect.