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Money is tight in the UK but you can still go out, just spend less.

The Zolfo Cooper Leisure Wallet report, a biannual report into the leisure industry, has revealed that consumers are going out more regularly but spending less. The increase in visits is see across all parts of the country suggesting a behavioural shift and recognition by consumers that if they spread their leisure spend, they can start going out rather more regularly rather than sit at home.

Visits to pubs and bars have increased to an average of 4.6 visits a month from 4.3 visits a month but the spend-per-visit has dropped to below £15 to £14.69 a visit, down £1.55 from a year ago when the spend was £16.24. Restaurants have experienced a marginal increase to 2.6 visits a month, up from 2.5 a month.

Paul Hemming, partner at Zolfo Cooper, said that consumers are increasingly aware that the economy is experiencing a prolonged trough and after at least two years of virtuous belt-tightening, they are fed up of being stuck indoors by an austerity curfew and are now beginning to venture out more often.