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Is the booze cruise still worth it?

Booze Cruises were a part of British culture in the 80s and 90s when off we'd set across the Channel to load up the car with vast quantities of cheap booze. Weddings were fuelled by the stuff! The mighty pound was worth EUR 1.75 when the Euro was introduced in 1999, now it is worth EUR 1.20 making French goods 50% more expensive for us Brits. In 2010 all the large portside supermarkets closed at Calais including Tesco, Sainsburys and Oddbins. Only Majestic held on in there. The falling exchange rate also came at a time when many supermarkets in the UK ground supplier down on their margins to offer cheap wine in the aisles to the UK masses.

So, while exchange rates are no longer a reason to go, on like for like wines you will save over £2.50 a bottle on duty and vat. Check out Calais Wine Superstore – whose focus is on low-priced wines, most ranging from £2 to £7 a bottle, from across Europe. If you buy £200-£400 of wine online in advance (depending on time of year) the company will pay for your ferry or Eurotunnel crossing.