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Cliff Richard duped by F-Word Gordon Ramsey

Last week was no summer holiday for Sir Cliff Richard when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey duped him into rubbishing his own wine. The singer-turned-winemaker, who was a guest on Gordon’s The F-Word, was asked to blind-taste two wines during the recording of the programme. The first, which Cliff declared as ‘amazing’, was revealed by Gordon to be a £400 bottle. ‘That’s rubbish. I wouldn’t pay for that. It’s tainted. It’s insipid. It tastes like vinaigrette,’ is what Cliff said about the second, at which point Gordon told him it was Vida Nova, the wine from his estate in the Algarve in Portugal. Allegedly, Gordon is now using the wine for vinaigrette at his restaurant at Claridge’s where he says it’s going down tremendously well with the tuna.