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Blossom Hill branches out internationally

Californian wine brand Blossom Hill has just gone international with the launch of a range of wines from Italy, Chile and South Africa. The new selection is priced slightly higher than the core Californian range at £5.49 to £5.99 and features an Italian Pinot Grigio and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon and a South African Chenin Blanc and Shiraz.

Innovations manager for Blossom Hill in the UK Erin Hurst said, ‘When we speak to consumers, we find that they are keen to explore new wine regions and try new wines, but they often lack confidence and end up buying the same wines every time. The aim of the new Blossom Hill range is to give people the confidence to try new wines, with the reassurance that such a well-known and loved brand gives.’

This move by Blossom Hill, which is the second-biggest-selling brand in the UK, comes only a few months after Lindemans went from just being an Australian brand to a New World brand, with wines from Chile and South Africa as well.

Retailers for the new Blossom Hill range, which is sealed with a screwcap, include Tesco and Asda.

Recently Blossom Hill also launched a website for consumers to help them ‘feel confident’ about their wine choices. The site,, includes such information as a tasting guide, seasonal recipes and a section on recycling and how consumers can work with the brand to reduce its impact on the environment as well as hints and tips on how to drink responsibly.