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UK drinkers waste 87 Million bottles of wine a year!

Here in the UK we’re wasting the equivalent of 87 million bottles of wine every year just because we don’t store it properly. That means a whopping £3.5 billion of spoilt vino, according to new research by Standard Life Bank. For while around 13.8 million of us in the UK buy wine to keep, the way we store it is less than ideal. One in six people use their garage for their quality vintages, while almost half put their bottles in kitchens and dining rooms, where temperatures fluctuate and they are exposed to light. But apparently two million of us plan to rectify that by building a wine cellar or buying a wine fridge in the next five years. And a wine cellar could be more than good news for the condition of your bottles because, according to the research, one in 10 reckon it could put seven per cent on the value of your home.