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White wine in plastic has shorter life

A scientific study by the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences in Bordeaux (ISVV) has shown that white wine in plastic packaging shows clear signs of oxidation when stored after 6 months. The study compared glass, bag-in-box, single-layer PET and small multi-layer PET.

The study featured red and white Bordeaux wine stored in laboratory conditions. Researchers analysed the levels of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide) contained in the wine, along with its taste and colour intensity at regular intervals over a period of one year.

The study concluded that the analysis of white wine showed convincing results within six months with significantly increased penetration of oxygen into the wine and a corresponding decrease in levels of carbon dioxide. After six months, the white wine clearly oxidised in single- and multi-layer PET, as well as the bag-in-box®. It did, however, remain stable in the two glass bottles. Some initial signs were beginning to emerge in the red wine, but it was too soon to draw any definite conclusions. Further tests will continue into the second year.