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UK Pops Over To Prosecco

Whilst Champagne is still the UK's favourite sparkling wine more of the UK's regular wine drinkers are drinking Prosecco than ever before. 15% in 2010 compared to only 8% in 2007.

In cost conscious times UK consumers have been looking for lower cost sparkling wine alternatives and Prosecco has hit the mark. Consumers say they like the drink, because it is pleasant-tasting, low cost, but has a sophisticated image. New rules have also helped Prosecco's credibilty ensuring that anything calling itself Prosecco comes from Italy.

UK produced sparkling wines have also seen a surge in sales recently with many consumers believing that the quality of these wines has improved over the years.

So is this the demise of the Champagne Charlie and the Rise of Prosecco Pete ?

Certainly with a 4 year surplus of champagne many premium brands will be continuing to offer heavily discounted champagne. Which, added to the competition from these new sparkling alternatives will hit the champagne industry hard.