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Frost Protection

Frost Protection for the growing grape is essential in areas that are vulnerable to Frost.

Grape growers use a number of methods to protect the vines form frost. These include

Spraying with water
Sprinklers are used to spray large volumes of water onto vines. The freezing of the water around the bud warms the bud and forms an igloo protecting the vine from cold. If used in poor drained region it can lead to over watering problems. In Autumn they can result in berries swelling and bursting reducing quality.

Helicopters, are used if a warm (inversion) layer of air sits above the frozen region. The helicopter forces the warmer air onto the vines. This method is used in Otago New Zealand where it costs NZD$1,200 per hour (2006 price).

This is similar to helicopters, but on the ground.

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