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European Union looks to allow unrestricted vine planting in 2016

To boost the wine sector’s competitiveness by reducing production costs, the EU has included an amendment to liberalise planting rights, from January 2016, within proposals for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The new plantings will be AOC, IGT or table wine.

If the reform goes through, by 2019 there will be no restrictions to planting vines across the European Union, even in countries that today have no vineyards. Bordeaux vineyards could theoretically rise from 120,000 hectares (ha) to 220,000ha and Burgundy from 28,000ha to 59,000ha.

To date, 12 EU countries have registered their disagreement and formally asked the European Commission to reconsider, this doesn't include the UK and these don't currently form a majority of the 27 member states. 14 countries and 255 votes are required for a majority.