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Morrisons to display wines by flavour types

Ever stood in front of racks of wines categorised by country and wondered where in the world to start? Well Morrisons are revamping the way the way they display their wine range instore and now online. Their whole wine range will be displayed by flavour such as luscious or crisp, rather than by colour, country or region.

But how does the consumer know what they like? Morrisons have teamed up with Bibendum using their Taste Test profiling technique. This profiles what wines customers will like by asking a series of questions based around whether they take black coffee or prefer salty foods. This taste toolkit will be built into their website and make recommendations to customers and rolled out instore in the next 6 months.

As part of the overhaul Morrisons have undergone extensive consumer profiling and consequently have doubled their wine range size from 550 to over 1,000 wines. They are planning to boost wine sales by £100 million in the next three years.

The company is offering customers a refund if they don't like the wines that have been selected for them. If we lead people to believe they will like a wine and they don't, we will give them their money back.