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Surprise result as UK wine hits alcohol levels similar to Ozzie Reds

A red wine with alchohol levels of 15% has been reported from a very unexpected quarter. Usually alcohol levels such as these are produced in places like California, Italy and Australia as they have the sun and the temperatures. But Halfpenny Green vineyards in Staffordshire are reporting alcohol levels of 15% in their Rondo red wine. Mr Vickers the vineyard owner said The incredible September sunshine we experienced in the Midlands last year continued to ripen the grapes late into the season....we use an early ripening grape variety which along with an early spring meant the growing season started three weeks early. Mr Vickers said he hadn't seen sugar levels such as this for 30 years.

Wines that go above 15% alcohol fall into the next duty bracket and become fortified wine, sherries and ports. There are no other UK wines reported with levels this high. So... very unusual but perhaps a sign of things to come from future UK harvests?