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Confusion over wine ads in France

Confusion over the legality of wine advertising in France is driving companies to self-censorship. In the 1991 Evin Law, the internet was not included in a specific list of allowable advertising mediums for wine and so it is illegal to advertise online in France.

Rather than risk prosecution companies are banning advertising from wine companies on their websites. And some drinks websites are banning visitors from France from entering their websites including Camus Cognac and Orlando Wines, which is owned by Pernod Ricard.

The confusion goes beyond the internet. In January, Le Parisien newspaper was fined because an article on Champagne was considered advertising. Now magazines and newspapers will often follow articles about wine with the government health warning on alcohol abuse. A television channel recently used the same health warning before showing the documentary film, Mondovino.

Wine writer Jacques Dupont in Le Point argues 'How can we on the one hand celebrate our fine wines, and then treat those who produce them like drug dealers?'