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CRAV assault in Carcassonne

French wine terrorist group CRAV (Comité régional d’action viticole) continued their assault on the wine trade in January, this time blowing up a government building in Carcassonne.

On the 18th January, a blast destroyed the first floor of the Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL). Then, on the 25th January, wine negociant Johanès Boubée a subsidiary of France's Carrefour supermarket group in western Nîmes, say staff were abused and wine tanks emptied onto the floor. Even with eye witnesses, the police have failed to make any arrests.

Aude winegrowers' union leader, Frédéric Rouanet said I do not condone this type of act but unfortunately it is likely to become part of everyday life”.

Southern French wine growers are unhappy with competition from Spanish wines claiming the EU environmental rules they have to follow makes them uncompetitive. They blame the EU, French Government, DREAL, Spanish producers and French Negotiants for their inability to run their business profitably.

Last year saw arson attacks and seizures of trucks with the contents of Spanish wine being dumped.