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Cows fed red wine to produce VinBovin, a new delicacy

The latest delicacy to hit the best Paris restaurants is Vinbovin - which is meat from cows reared on red wine. This is similar to Japanese Kobe beef which is made with beer and currently considered among the best in the world.

In the southern Herault region of France cows were fed wine for four months. The cows enjoyed wine from Saint-Genies des Mourgues, a Languedoc village near Montpellier renowned for its vineyards. This was fed to them in a mix of barley, hay and grapes. Their alcohol intake was the equivalent to the amount recommended by health authorities for a man - which amounts to a litre to a litre-and-a-half-a-day.

The result? Exceptionally succulent meat with a very special texture – beautiful, marbled and tender, which caramelises during cooking. All the best Parisien restaurants will take it according to Laurent Pourcel, a Michelin starred chef. The downside to these cows living the high life? The cost - it adds £80 to the cost of a prime beef cut!