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Cut price fine wine at Lidl

Lidl the discount supermarket has snapped up 5% of Bordeaux's bottles for its Claret Offensive. The supermarket chain are going to offer cut price fine wine to entice the middle classes away from Marks and Spencer and Waitrose. They are not the first supermarket to use fine wine as a carrot for the middle classes. Tesco has been buying en primeur for a couple of years and is releasing 2010s this Christmas. They had a flash sale the other day reducing a 2007 Chateau La Conseillante from £71.50 to £44 a bottle. Aldi used a similar strategy introducing a super premium range including Bordeaux last Christmas. Why Bordeaux? Well it has a certain cache and there's plenty of it according to the head buyer at Lidl. The Bordelais are finding it harder to shift their last 3 vintages since the stellar 09s and 10s. But beware these wines aren't as heavily discounted as you may expect, so still check out the competition with Find A Vino and other price comparison apps.