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Change to rules at Pomerol

Pomerol producers are opposing new legislation made earlier this month by the Pomerol wine union (Syndicat Viticole de Pomerol) which would mean they have to make their wines within the appellation's 780 acres by 2018.

With Pomerol land costing around €1m per hectare (ha), some producers say the ruling will cripple them financially. Some estates have their wine vinified outside the appellation a short distance away from the vineyard and would have to invest heavily to set up production at the vineyard or an alternative site in Pomerol. SOme vineyard sites have no access to electricity or water and no buildings.

The union said the new rule followed the same logic as the St Emilion Grand Cru system and that it 'validates the notion of “mis en bouteille au chateau”.'

Jean-Michel Laporte of Château La Conseillante says a middle ground could be followed: 'Given the cost [of Pomerol land], why not allow certain châteaux who have been vinifying just outside Pomerol for a long time to continue and require new entrants [who can afford the property prices] to vinify in Pomerol?'.