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Bordeaux 2011 back to a typical vintage

After the some would say superlative 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux vintages there is relief among some Bordeaux producers that 2011 will be just a typical year. One proprietor went as far to say that an ordinary vintage this year was much needed - the market would not stand another great vintage. Many believe that the best 2011 wines will be somewhere between 1996 and 2006 in quality and it is highly likely that the top properties will reduce their prices by 20% or more.

There will be a range of wine styles across the region due to differing weather conditions. Certain sectors have been affected by hail which has produced a 10% lower yield than last year, others by the springtime drought, or the heatwave at the end of June. Also humidity in September has increased the risk of grey rot. But other factors indicate a quality vintage: even flowering, prolonged and above-average water stress and good weather conditions announced for the second half of the harvest.