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Are the middle classes drinking themselves to death?

How many of you come home after a hard days work and pour yourself a large glass of wine? Well according to Duncan Selbie the head of Public Health England a glass of wine is as much harm for you as drinking 3 shots of vodka. You wouldn't be lining them up on your kitchen work top after work would you? Deaths from liver disease of working age people have increased by 500% since the 1970s as the culture of having a large glass of wine after work increases. This culture is particularly prevalent amongst middle class society. Drinking at home is more risky too as people have no idea how much they are consuming whereas in a pub it is controlled by measures - the department of health said. Apart from Finland, Britain is now the only country in Western Europe in which liver disease is increasing. And its not within deprived areas where this is seen it's in the more affluent areas of Britain. Cup of tea anyone?