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UK Government publishes wine tariff rates for post-Brexit trade

The UK Government has announced the new tariff rates that will apply to all wine imported into the UK. Unless a trade agreement is in place, from the 1st January 2021, all wine imported into the UK will be hit by these tariffs.

Until recently only wines from outside of the EU were subject to import tariffs. Now, as part of the government’s goal of simplifying tariffs and removing the administrative burden, they have introduced 305 new wine tariffs covering the world. Each of the 305 identified wines have their own tariff. But in general, many appear to be based on a £26/hectolitre (19.5p/bottle) for sparkling wines, £10/Hl (7.5p/750ml btl) for wines with alcohol below 13% and £12/Hl (9p/750ml btl) for wines 13% and higher. However, the tariff varies from wine region to wine region and according to the size of the container being used to import the wine.