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Experienced UK wine drinkers prefer screw caps

Research has shown that, in the UK, contrary to the perceived wisdom, older drinkers prefer screw caps for wine while a greater percentage of consumers in their early 20s, actually prefer cork.

Market research company Wine Intelligence surveyed drinkers' preferred closure type and found that drinkers over 65 preferred screw caps with 51% saying they liked screw caps. Just 4% of the 65-plus demographic expressed a dislike of screwcaps compared to 18% of younger and less experienced drinkers aged 18-24. Lulie Halstead said Gen Z associate cork with higher quality and may regard screwcap-sealed wines as less prestigious. Millennial respondents have also shown a preference for natural cork over alternatives like plastic stoppers.

Meanwhile, Wine Intelligence’s data on the US market suggests that many older Americans are reluctant to purchase wines not sealed under cork which puts them at odds with their British counterparts.