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UK plays whack-a-mole with Covid lockdown

The UK government's plan to avoid a second national lockdown by creating a three-tier system is lambasted as not enough by the government's own scientific advisors, while some in the hospitality industry say it goes too far.

The new three tier system introduced in the UK government puts severe restrictions on going out and socialising in pubs.
The current lock down rules are.

Tier 1: covering all of the UK where a higher tiered lockdown is not in force.
•Pubs and restaurants must be closed by 10pm
•The rule of 6, means no more than 6 people mixing indoor or outdoors can not consist of more than 6 people from any household or social bubble.
•Households of more than 6 can still mix amongst themselves.
•The rules differ in Scotland where children under the age of 12 are not included in the maximum of 6
•While in Wales a maximum of 30 people are allowed to meet outdoors.

Tier 2: includes all of tier 1 except
•No households mixing indoors apart from support bubbles

Tier 3
•Pubs and bars are closed.
•Restaurants may remain open.
•No households mixing indoors or in private gardens, but in public spaces this is ok.

At the time of writing only Liverpool is in Tier 3, but Manchester is expected to go into Tier 3 on Friday. London is in Tier 2 along with great swathes of the North of England.

Pubs that do not serve meals will have to shut under tier 3 while restaurants are allowed to stay open. London’s tier 2 status means that it is now illegal to be indoors in a pub with people you do not live with unless they are part of your support bubble.