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Drink drive fatalities down as motorists face random breath tests

The number of fatalities resulting from drink-drive accidents in the UK fell last year by 18%, with 460 fatalities compared to 560 in 2006. The number of people seriously injured also fell 11% to 1,760 but the total number of drink drive accidents rose by 2% to 9,620.

Meanwhile, UK motorists could face random breath tests following research by breakdown company Green Flag and road safety charity Brake, that shows more women are driving while over the legal limit. Currently police can breathalyse someone only if they drive erratically or commit another offence.

The survey of 2,066 adults found that as many as 42% of female motorists admitted getting behind the wheel while over the legal limit, while the figure for men was 59%.

Plans to tackle the problem will be unveiled by the Department for Transport later this year.